Guangxi travel

Reporter Zhang Fang from Nanning, Guangxi: Today, the reporter learned from Guangxi Tourism Administration that the first China Guilin International Tourism Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Travel Expo”) will be opened on September 3, 2010 in Guilin, Guangxi. , The duration of three days, then, from home and abroad in many tourism enterprises and associations exhibitors and exchange and cooperation. It is understood that the current Expo is currently the largest Guangxi, the highest specifications, the most professional professional tourism Expo.

This Expo aims to make use of the advantages of Guilin International Tourism City to build a platform for tourism cooperation and exchange between China and other countries in the world to promote the in-depth exchange and friendly cooperation between China and other countries in tourism industry and fully display the charm of “Landscape Shandong” Create an authoritative tourism exchange, display and trading platform with international influence and strong radiation power. It is understood that this year’s Expo will be held four major theme activities: Tourism Forum, city exchanges, tourism product promotion, tourism trade matchmaking negotiations. During the exhibition, the Forum sponsored by the highest organization of the International Tourism Organization – the UN World Tourism Organization / Asia Pacific Tourism Association “International Forum on Tourism Trends and Prospects” will also be held as scheduled. The first day of this Expo is only open to professional visitors, open to the public two days later. It is estimated that the total exhibition area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis year’s Expo will be 10,000 square meters with nearly 600 exhibitors and about 50 participating countries and regions.

At present, the preparatory work for the Brigade and Expo is progressing well and the work of publicity and promotion at home and abroad is steadily pushed forward. Internationally, up to now, it has received responses from more than 20 national tourism administrations and tourism agencies and expressed their intention to exhibit at exhibitions. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan have already had the intention to organize delegations. In terms of domestic bazaars, Exhibitors from Guangdong, Jiangsu and other provinces actively consulted and scheduled their booths. In the invitation of invited buyers, nearly 30 travel agencies from the United States, Britain, Italy, Spain, Singapore and other countries have actively invited to become invited exhibitors .

Located in the northeast of Guangxi, China, Guilin enjoys the reputation of “Four Outstanding Places”, such as Shanqing, Shui Sau, Dong Qi and Shi Mei. It is one of the first batch of major scenic tourist cities and historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council. The first batch of excellent tourist cities in China, Tourism organizations devaluation of China’s four major tourist destination cities. It is reported that in 2009, Guilin received a total of about 18,601,000 tourists trips, total tourism revenue of 12.69 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 14.3% and 25.5% respectively. (Finish)