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Barry Gallery Lijiang River

A Lijiang is undoubtedly fascinating. Her solitary landscape of the world is a genie inspired by nature, I believe both personally fortunate person or thinking away would dump it.

A trip to the Lijiang River, even the most dull poetry will become ethereal. You inadvertently, embrace a green plutonium, 掬 a handful of clear 洌, pick up a run of stone, will have infinite emotion, even if perfunctory is a totally natural poetry.

Lijiang River is a painting workshop, the artisan said that the Lijiang River came full of ideas.

Lijiang is a paradise, travelers say, Lijiang has returned to the soul has been mourning.

God instrument on the Lijiang, I do not know since from my heart has been growing. Embracing the Lijiang River as a long-cherished Lijiang River trip, as the lover’s appointment at the meeting in my heart Jing wave rippling.


When the value of autumn, moist south of the mattress in the heat among them. I am passionate fire, dressed in the hot monsoon, inviting friends to go to see the Li River in desperation.

Come to Yunnan, arrived in Liangjiang airport is dusk. Drove into the city, all the way to pay attention to four hope. Looks into the distance, the ups and downs of the mountain shadow enchanting stretches; close to the eyes, the early lights of the street shadow whirling. At that time I was talking about my heart: what kind of grace would the Lijiang River in the evening be?

Arrived at the Friends of the Royal Garden Hotel, five-star magnificent goes without saying, but added a block south of the typical hanging floor-style buildings, the store welcome lobby and inside and outside the room hanging a range of landscapes, are silent Xuan Xuan with people feel relaxed and happy style. Especially in the lobby of the “Li River Brilliance”, such as jade shadow of the wind, people have never seen her Fangrong Fang.

Good friends good night, staggering, of course, is an established procedure. Under the indulgence of friendship, all five of us were filled with a hearty glass of “Li Jiang Liang Liang”. Then in the arrangements of friends, came to the hotel karaoke lounge, a face of elegant, Emei Dai woman approached. Under the phrase, that this woman is the Lijiang Yangshui Yangdi ancient town of people, such as Liu Wa waist to be embraced and dance, my heart can not help but sigh: that wandering Lijiang River is also like the Lijiang River side of the woman so Soft?


Early the next morning, we got up early with morning sun. Throw away the exhaustion of the night, full of excitement, shouting to embrace the Li River.

In fact, we stayed at the hotel not far from the river, the car through the streets under the shade of trees, blowing breeze blowing the window to the south of the morning sent a rare cool. Not soon, the car has been to the river, the tour guide said we have to Jiangbin, and you smell the fresh air of the Lijiang it? Hear this remark, knowing that the Li River can not only seductive, but also Yudai it.

To get the waterfront, but excited mood suddenly hesitated. It seems that my heart is still brewing sound longing for the call of Lijiang River.

Once upon a time, I always derive the impression of the Li River in my dreams. Imagine, Lijiang is passionate, unbridled unbridled enthusiasm; Lijiang should also be dignified, spontaneously holding the bloated. Lijiang graceful dream in the dream, all directions. Back wandering thoughts, waved a moment of hesitation, at the moment I windward legislation in the Yangtze River, open the wet eyes began to Li River in real life.

Everything else, both sides of the mountains and rolling hills, Dai green shallots, Jiang Xin Qing stream, Bi Han empty sky. Xiangshan in the distance, such as the idol into the river, intoxicated drink clean, close to the river beach egret Quxiang, boat wave … … a beautiful picture just like the tradesman painted the watercolor, but also exudes a fragrant ink, fresh And charming.


The sun has climbed the riverside hills. With the crowd such as ants, it is easy to boarded our trip “Yangshuo”.

A boat yacht in turn outbound, lined up in the sun along the river and down. Looking back Yuanren, Chen Hui in the Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin City in the wave of progressively away. Yacht in the tour guide’s headset carrying the boat full of interest all the way forward.

From Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill Pier, down to the ancient city of Yangshuo, up to 83 km. Beautiful scenery along the river, clear water linger, Qifeng reflection, flying waterfalls, constitute a colorful picture, known as “Barry Lijiang, Barry Gallery.” Han Yu, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, left the poem “Jiangzuo Qingluo and Shanzhushibazhu” to praise this poetic and colorful painting gallery.

Ship wave plow waves, ship side waves whirling along the way. Boat-like yachts in the open air in the open top, visitors can be as close as possible, without cover, it is also because of this, the surrounding scenery has just flew into the eye, need to fleeting, so greedy people dizzying . Full of brigade travelers hand camera, keep recording the beauty along the way. At the bow I saw a young couple taking photos of each other. The man seemed to choose a good shot, or be fooled by the picture in the camera and lag behind at the girl. Wait impatient girlfriend Shen strange: you rub dahahahahahahahahahaha, which is a good scenery. This woman an unintentional language really tells the grace of the Lijiang graceful.

Boat about two hour walk, docked in the ancient town of Yang Di. At this time of the Li River, mountains connecting the two sides, one after another. Although there is no danger of soaring towering clouds, but Reiki virtual surplus, long lasting charm. Or hand lingering, or Wu Li across, all are soaked with the beauty of a weak shoulder. Riverfront shade, dense forest, green bamboo dock, abound, covered with green Cangjiang. Occasionally passing the village, bamboo house phase, cocks and dogs smell, stretching the ancient charm. River clear water, deep stream in the dark vast, dark green dye; shallow fish crab swim, clear crystal, a river of Lishui flowing river full of red.


Anchor from the embankment Yang Di ship, it is noon time. The guide on board stopped the compliment on the Li River and started to “sell” Li River. She said that today we swim Lijiang River, Lijiang River, not to taste the true taste of the Lijiang River, only eaten Lijiang River, will her intoleep into the heart, to say a worthwhile trip, and then endlessly introduced the Lijiang Specialties. I do not know is unable to withstand the temptation of greedy guides, or want to eat into the heart of Lijiang, we invariably Zhang Luo from the cruise on the Li River dinner. Red shrimp, green snails, white scales, as well as plump bass, tasty live crabs, accompanied by wild mushrooms, and a draft beer Lijiang, while drunk, let us from the other side of the Lijiang Delicious meal.


The boat kept drifting. Just as we ran out of food, the mountain suddenly became steep, and the river became turbulent. Head of a block of more than 100 square rock cliffs to the river. Even the tour guide also seemed to be excited and raised the tone to us that this is the famous natural rock painting Lijiang “nine horses painting Hill.” Painting the mountains in the east bank of the Li River, Wufeng even belong to the west wall Linjiang, 100 meters high and wide stone walls, red orange yellow green, colorful, shades of white, mottled, like a picture of God Chun. The picture of the nine horses lifelike, demeanor, or stand or lie or Ben or Yue, or drink the river, or cries. Painting the wall of the river, due to perennial weather erosion, the level of rock contour patchwork, color variations, such as the gods made of natural artifacts. At this point, will be a few points. Legend has it that Amazin Temple, grazing Lijiang River, as painters see, want to paint down, the horse was frightened, strayed into the stone wall and stay on earth. Because of the magic of the horse, unpredictable and difficult to identify, since ancient times there are folk said: “Look at Ma Lang, see Ma Lang, ask you how many pairs of horses? Seen seven in the second place, see nine Champion. “It seems superb Lijiang, want to see her true face, have to practice a pair of ethereal eye. If the photo rotation 90 degrees counterclockwise, you can see a clear picture of people: forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, jaw, Adam’s apple were vivid.


On the slope of the West River, yachts stop and go in the Barry Gallery, drifting for a whole day, arrived in the twilight Yangshuo county. We reluctantly landed ashore, marching bluestone stone steps, step by step back and forth, gently do not cloud clouds Lijiang, my heart sprouted a while falling from a sense of loss.

Ascended the top of the hill, I stood on the waterfront Gurong, looking back and forth over the Li River in the mist, like a lover without separation, eyes full of grieving tears.

North Sea folk features

As a waterborne family who lives in a boat and takes fishing as its industry, Xunjia people live in shanties erected in the waterfront near the bank. The Beihai Sea is historically home to the outer sand and the seaside street near the sea. The shanty bamboo tile siding, autumn  simple, simple furnishings, cleanliness is very particular about hygiene, the public call it  shed.

2,  family life and customs

Habitat in history is seen as “stupid do not understand the text, do not remember years, day and night, but to promote the boat, the resulting fish is full of barbarians.” There are “men and women do not cover the skin, wedding to meet the pretty song” and other customs. Visible at that time what kind of hardships home life, no wonder the North Sea have “women do not marry old” argument.

3,  family wedding custom

home wedding ceremony quite interesting. Daughters before marriage to routine “crying married.” Is actually singing and answering, singing is very sweet and pleasant, is a literary appreciation.
Marriage that day, the bride boarded the boat in the crowd of daughters, all the way singing, firecrackers, the harbor fantastic atmosphere. That night, after the banquet, there is another young male rap rave show. Visible  family wedding custom always runs through a sing.

4,  family’s faith

less family culture, the general superstition Ghost God, regardless of good and bad should have the gods. This custom continues until today.

Second, etiquette and religion

1, North Sea Festival customs

Every big festival or celebration of the North Sea, there are dragon dance, lion dance, burning artillery and send red envelopes custom, in order to discuss auspicious and discuss a lively.

2, the social customs of the North Sea

Social etiquette in the North Sea varies according to the age and age, accomplishment and career of social partners. However, older generation elite guests polite, passionate people should be eternal manners.
The most popular people in the North Sea are connected by the sea, and the custom of “making love” remains unchanged.

Third, Beihai Chunfeng beauty

1, in a hurry

Beihai emergency helpless ugly as an obligatory act of conscience.

2, good neighborhood

The Beihai people pay great attention to improving their relations with neighbors, village neighbors and neighbors.

3, respect teacher Road

Beihai people respect teachers and teachers and honor their parents is also a matter of justice.

4, heavy merit

Beihai people have the urgency and righteousness, enthusiasm for the cause of social welfare.

5, keep faith

Beihai people are very particular about the “Lutheran” word, regard it as the basic norms of all social transactions, especially shopping malls.

Fourth, the North Sea life customs

1, diet

Beihai is a paradise for food, land three birds, seafood Bazhen, big fish in the North Sea among the three meals a day.

2, bedroom

The per capita living area in the North Sea ranks first in the country, no wonder outsiders envy the housing of the North Sea is paradise.

3, traffic

Beihai traffic is easily accessible, and transportation is diverse, modern and luxurious.

4, wedding custom

Beihai old marriage customs and the same home, there are crying habits, but also full of superstition, only as a folk culture to aftertaste. With the development and progress of the society, the modern marriage is practiced by the new style of newcomers.

Think of thousands of mountain travel Raiders

Shiwandashan National Forest Park is located in Hongqi Forest Farm, 30 kilometers south of Shangsi County, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Province. It is said to be a subtropical rainforest with no mountain, no green and no peaks, . Negative ions in the air content of 89,000 per cubic centimeter. At present, only one tourist route has been developed in the park: the trigeminal valley scenic area. Along the tributary of the river upstream, after natural medicine bath, bathing day bath, stone roots, robes and other attractions, and finally reach the source of waterfalls. Then return. The trigeminal River is actually a stone river in the valley, the scenery to river
music way Traveler tribes five anniversary 2007 Tibet holy land wedding Air Travel White Paper Golden Week Travel Raiders Water and stone-based, the stone may be left before the debris flow, there is a large A small, after years of river scour removal, creating a unique landscape. Natural medicine bath is actually such a small lake, because the mountain plants fell into the lake soak for many years, its medicinal material may melt in the water, making this water has a medical effect, it is said that soak for more than three hours on the skin disease Effective The stone is the root of a tree that grows in stone. Heaven bathing pool is also a pool of stones blocking the formation. Dragon robe is a more rare tree. The source waterfall is a small waterfall at the source of the trigeminal river. Mountain forests on both sides of the river very flourish, rich variety, students must look at things, but unfortunately the trees are not large, not like the original forest look, may be formed after the former forest cuttings secondary forest.

There are still two undeveloped attractions in the park, one overlooking the sea and sky, which is actually a peak of 1,200 meters above sea level. You may see the sea. One is the Kowloon pine, is a root from the beginning of nine branches of the pine tree, along the ancient pine forest, the real left of the original forest, it is said that the trees are large, and (Mu Sha) (Muluo), is said to be Plants left in the dinosaurs. Two spots are too far away from the place of residence, and there is no good way, only the mountains or forest workers to walk the formation of the mountain road, very difficult to go back and forth all have 8 hours or more, there is no impressive view along the way, unless it is adventure, the average tourist worth going.

Transportation: Beihai – 208 kilometers on the thinking, driving at 6:30 in the morning, tickets 22 yuan.

Shangsi – 30 km Forest Park, ride in the West on the West Station ride, the ticket 5 yuan, but because drivers have to wait before overcrowding, it is possible to wait for the car longer than the car time. Or take a three-wheeled motorcycle to go, chartered 20 yuan, can take six people, a bit dangerous.

On the thinking of the main short-distance traffic is actually three-wheeled motorcycles.

Park tickets 10 yuan.

Accommodation: Park Wanshan hotel can be living, standard room 70 / person: cabins 120 / rooms, public toilets: wooden floor 260-350 / building, you can live a child: common room 40 / person, public toilet. Recommend live cabins, 2 * 2 m big bed, squeeze a little to live 34 people. Ordinary inter-shelf bed, a large room a dozen individuals, each person to 40 yuan.

Eat: Only Wanshan Hotel restaurant, the price of expensive thieves, comparable to Huangshan, can eat the local wild vegetables. Next to the hotel there are stalls, a dollar a bowl of porridge, food to eat (all pickles, sauerkraut, vegetarian). 3.5 yuan / bowl, to help bubble well. Can also be cooking, the price is very cheap, health thing, almost.

Shangsi County, a lower standard of living, eating, accommodation is very cheap, a dollar a bowl of porridge eat is a local specialty. However, the park opened Wanshan Hotel by virtue of the advantages of this one, eating and drinking are very expensive. Private stalls in the park are not expensive.

Yaoyu mountains in the mountains, is too Yao, middle-aged Yao women also wear national costumes.


The first day to think, if noon, can be directly up the mountain, so the afternoon, can think of staying one night, the county did not play.

The next day: Tour Miehe, watching folk customs performances at night.

The third day: return.

If the first day up the mountain, the actual second day noon can go back.

Overall rating: scenery in general, the air is good, water is good, suitable for bathing and convalescence. Friends within a radius of 200 km to play, more than this number is not worth it.

One hundred thousand mountains,eight villages Zhaoshui two days

morning, take a bus to the designated place at Qinzhai and Shangsi at the junction known as “eight kilometers of natural oxygen bar” of the Eight Walled ditch, natural landscape, landform. There are eight kilometers of sand shale mountain landscape, more than eighty different size Quan Tam, a small bathtub like a bath, a large can accommodate 100 people swimming pool. Falls with different sizes fall with the extension of the mountain can be seen at any time, the bottom of the pool is daunting. Can accommodate 100 people shelter cactus stone house, the ancient legendary thieves Wangzhai, cloud winding mountain camp landscape, fairy puddles, Cowherd and Weaver Girl Bridge (ancient stone bridge), as well as nine eighteen curved artificial Moon Lake and pine 虬 rattan wrapped , Animal walking birdsong, covered the primeval forests and so on, the natural colors, natural beauty of the formation of the United States Bazhao Moushan beauty of the unique tourist attractions and rare sand shale mountain landscape. Expensive moving, plants. Animal monkeys, wild boar, civet cats, pangolins, pythons, and a variety of birds, insects such as various kinds of dragonflies. Valuable plants are grid wood, Bauhinia, Tiege grid, sightseeing wood and so on.
Meals: Dinner with Chinese food Hotel: Shangsi or Qinzhou

The next day: After
breakfast, take a bus to Shiwandashan National Forest Park, overlooking the sleeping Buddha in the south, visit the Soak Spring Bath, enjoy the natural oxygen bar, visit the Sancha River Valley, the primeval forest, the source of Zhuhai, the Martial Law, Tour of the Millennium Gurong – Movie “Heroes and Tigress” filming (admission tickets themselves). After lunch drive back to Zhanjiang, the end of a pleasant trip!
Meal: Breakfast and lunch included

1, itinerary is for reference only, the specific schedule in the case of the same attractions to Jushe arrangements shall prevail.
2, accommodation standards: a standard air-conditioned room for one night, children do not occupy the bed
3, the standard ticket: Tickets containing the first attractions, Park Park tickets are not included, children super-self
4, car standards: air-conditioned wagon
5, dining Standard: Eight dishes a soup dinner, 1 early 3
6, excluding cable car fee