Direct Instant Payday Loans Online – Guangxi-Travel.Com Uncategorized Extra Loan as the “Crystal of Quality” Loan Memoir Awards 2018.

Extra Loan as the “Crystal of Quality” Loan Memoir Awards 2018.



Extra Loan awarded the Loan Memoir Awards 2018 ‘Crystal of Quality’

Loan Plus awarded the Loan Magazine Awards 2018

We would like to inform you that we have received the Quality Crystal award at the Loan Memoir Awards 2018.
We can admit with great satisfaction that transparent rules, security throughout the entire process of granting the loan and a lot of hard work of our team have been appreciated and awarded.


The purpose of the gala was to choose the best products and services in 2018 offered on the loans market and the broadly understood Infotech market. People who were particularly distinguished by their activity and thus increased transparency of the entire industry were also awarded. The Loan Memoir Awards 2018 were handed out on February 14, 2019. We feel honored that we could participate in such a prestigious gala and win the prize.

Loan Memoir

Loan Magazine

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The one-time registration fee is PLN 0.01. The first loan chosen for a period of 5 to 30 days for 1000 PLN is completely for 0 PLN. A representative example for the first loan: APRC (Actual annual interest rate) is 0%, assuming: total loan amount PLN 1000, total payment amount PLN 1000, RSO (annual interest rate) fixed interest rate is 0%, total cost PLN 0, Contract duration 30 days.

A representative example for a loan not covered by the promotion: APRC (Actual annual interest rate) is 1804%, assuming: total loan amount PLN 1000, total repayment amount PLN 1282.22, RSO (annual interest rate) variable interest rate is 10% (art. 359 § 21 KC – maximum interest), total cost PLN 282.22, including Commission PLN 274, capital interest PLN 8.22, duration of the contract 30 days.