North Sea folk features

As a waterborne family who lives in a boat and takes fishing as its industry, Xunjia people live in shanties erected in the waterfront near the bank. The Beihai Sea is historically home to the outer sand and the seaside street near the sea. The shanty bamboo tile siding, autumn  simple, simple furnishings, cleanliness is very particular about hygiene, the public call it  shed.

2,  family life and customs

Habitat in history is seen as “stupid do not understand the text, do not remember years, day and night, but to promote the boat, the resulting fish is full of barbarians.” There are “men and women do not cover the skin, wedding to meet the pretty song” and other customs. Visible at that time what kind of hardships home life, no wonder the North Sea have “women do not marry old” argument.

3,  family wedding custom

home wedding ceremony quite interesting. Daughters before marriage to routine “crying married.” Is actually singing and answering, singing is very sweet and pleasant, is a literary appreciation.
Marriage that day, the bride boarded the boat in the crowd of daughters, all the way singing, firecrackers, the harbor fantastic atmosphere. That night, after the banquet, there is another young male rap rave show. Visible  family wedding custom always runs through a sing.

4,  family’s faith

less family culture, the general superstition Ghost God, regardless of good and bad should have the gods. This custom continues until today.

Second, etiquette and religion

1, North Sea Festival customs

Every big festival or celebration of the North Sea, there are dragon dance, lion dance, burning artillery and send red envelopes custom, in order to discuss auspicious and discuss a lively.

2, the social customs of the North Sea

Social etiquette in the North Sea varies according to the age and age, accomplishment and career of social partners. However, older generation elite guests polite, passionate people should be eternal manners.
The most popular people in the North Sea are connected by the sea, and the custom of “making love” remains unchanged.

Third, Beihai Chunfeng beauty

1, in a hurry

Beihai emergency helpless ugly as an obligatory act of conscience.

2, good neighborhood

The Beihai people pay great attention to improving their relations with neighbors, village neighbors and neighbors.

3, respect teacher Road

Beihai people respect teachers and teachers and honor their parents is also a matter of justice.

4, heavy merit

Beihai people have the urgency and righteousness, enthusiasm for the cause of social welfare.

5, keep faith

Beihai people are very particular about the “Lutheran” word, regard it as the basic norms of all social transactions, especially shopping malls.

Fourth, the North Sea life customs

1, diet

Beihai is a paradise for food, land three birds, seafood Bazhen, big fish in the North Sea among the three meals a day.

2, bedroom

The per capita living area in the North Sea ranks first in the country, no wonder outsiders envy the housing of the North Sea is paradise.

3, traffic

Beihai traffic is easily accessible, and transportation is diverse, modern and luxurious.

4, wedding custom

Beihai old marriage customs and the same home, there are crying habits, but also full of superstition, only as a folk culture to aftertaste. With the development and progress of the society, the modern marriage is practiced by the new style of newcomers.