Think of thousands of mountain travel Raiders

Shiwandashan National Forest Park is located in Hongqi Forest Farm, 30 kilometers south of Shangsi County, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Province. It is said to be a subtropical rainforest with no mountain, no green and no peaks, . Negative ions in the air content of 89,000 per cubic centimeter. At present, only one tourist route has been developed in the park: the trigeminal valley scenic area. Along the tributary of the river upstream, after natural medicine bath, bathing day bath, stone roots, robes and other attractions, and finally reach the source of waterfalls. Then return. The trigeminal River is actually a stone river in the valley, the scenery to river
music way Traveler tribes five anniversary 2007 Tibet holy land wedding Air Travel White Paper Golden Week Travel Raiders Water and stone-based, the stone may be left before the debris flow, there is a large A small, after years of river scour removal, creating a unique landscape. Natural medicine bath is actually such a small lake, because the mountain plants fell into the lake soak for many years, its medicinal material may melt in the water, making this water has a medical effect, it is said that soak for more than three hours on the skin disease Effective The stone is the root of a tree that grows in stone. Heaven bathing pool is also a pool of stones blocking the formation. Dragon robe is a more rare tree. The source waterfall is a small waterfall at the source of the trigeminal river. Mountain forests on both sides of the river very flourish, rich variety, students must look at things, but unfortunately the trees are not large, not like the original forest look, may be formed after the former forest cuttings secondary forest.

There are still two undeveloped attractions in the park, one overlooking the sea and sky, which is actually a peak of 1,200 meters above sea level. You may see the sea. One is the Kowloon pine, is a root from the beginning of nine branches of the pine tree, along the ancient pine forest, the real left of the original forest, it is said that the trees are large, and (Mu Sha) (Muluo), is said to be Plants left in the dinosaurs. Two spots are too far away from the place of residence, and there is no good way, only the mountains or forest workers to walk the formation of the mountain road, very difficult to go back and forth all have 8 hours or more, there is no impressive view along the way, unless it is adventure, the average tourist worth going.

Transportation: Beihai – 208 kilometers on the thinking, driving at 6:30 in the morning, tickets 22 yuan.

Shangsi – 30 km Forest Park, ride in the West on the West Station ride, the ticket 5 yuan, but because drivers have to wait before overcrowding, it is possible to wait for the car longer than the car time. Or take a three-wheeled motorcycle to go, chartered 20 yuan, can take six people, a bit dangerous.

On the thinking of the main short-distance traffic is actually three-wheeled motorcycles.

Park tickets 10 yuan.

Accommodation: Park Wanshan hotel can be living, standard room 70 / person: cabins 120 / rooms, public toilets: wooden floor 260-350 / building, you can live a child: common room 40 / person, public toilet. Recommend live cabins, 2 * 2 m big bed, squeeze a little to live 34 people. Ordinary inter-shelf bed, a large room a dozen individuals, each person to 40 yuan.

Eat: Only Wanshan Hotel restaurant, the price of expensive thieves, comparable to Huangshan, can eat the local wild vegetables. Next to the hotel there are stalls, a dollar a bowl of porridge, food to eat (all pickles, sauerkraut, vegetarian). 3.5 yuan / bowl, to help bubble well. Can also be cooking, the price is very cheap, health thing, almost.

Shangsi County, a lower standard of living, eating, accommodation is very cheap, a dollar a bowl of porridge eat is a local specialty. However, the park opened Wanshan Hotel by virtue of the advantages of this one, eating and drinking are very expensive. Private stalls in the park are not expensive.

Yaoyu mountains in the mountains, is too Yao, middle-aged Yao women also wear national costumes.


The first day to think, if noon, can be directly up the mountain, so the afternoon, can think of staying one night, the county did not play.

The next day: Tour Miehe, watching folk customs performances at night.

The third day: return.

If the first day up the mountain, the actual second day noon can go back.

Overall rating: scenery in general, the air is good, water is good, suitable for bathing and convalescence. Friends within a radius of 200 km to play, more than this number is not worth it.