During our stay in the north of Thailand we went through the very active Chiang Mai. Thailand’s second largest city after Bangkok, Chiang Mai will offer you everything you can expect from a big city including some activities of its own. I recommend 10 activities to do in Chiang Mai to make your trip a success.  

Strolling at the Sunday Night Walking Market  

As its name suggests, it takes place only on Sunday nights in the city center and extends for several kilometers. The advantage of this market? There is everything! and has countless booths! From the inescapable street food to clothes, shoes and many other souvenir ideas.  

sunday night walking market

Spend a day at the Elephant Nature Park  

What a joy to go to meet these extraordinary animals! Elephant Nature Park has a large number of projects to discover the daily life of these mammals. Surely you will not regret it. My complete experience is to be found here.  

elephants park chiang mai

Treat yourself to a Thai massage at the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison

Forget any prejudices immediately! To experience a real Thai massage, the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison is, without a doubt, the best place in the city. Through a reintegration program, women have the opportunity to learn the ancestral art of Thai massage during the last 6 months of their sentence. Reintegration support recognized throughout Chiang Mai.  

Thai massage price

Visit the Silver Temple  

The Silver Temple, or Wat Sri Suphan, its real name, is far from being attacked by tourists and yet it is worth a look! Its facade, entirely in silver, is full of details. Note, all the same, women are not allowed to enter. Why? Well, according to Lanna beliefs, women, because of their menstruation, could defile the temple… On the other hand, you will surely hear about the Doi   Suthep. Be aware that this temple is outside the city and you will need to take a taxi or a Songthaew   to get there. However, these taxis must leave full for the price to be advantageous. Find out more about your hotel!  

silver temple

Take a Thai cooking class  

Want to learn how to make a green curry or the best dessert : glutinous rice with mango? It is very easy to find a cooking class that meets your expectations in Chiang Mai. Personally, we opted for The Lot Of Thai. And we feasted. I tell you more quickly!  

To eat a Khao Soi  

You thought all of Thailand was crazy about Thai curry and pad? Yes but not only! Like France, each region has its own culinary specialties. Here it is Khao Soi, a coconut milk and curry soup with crunchy noodles! If you too are a vegetarian, do not worry – you, tofu options are common in Chiang Mai!  

Chat with a monk  

If you have the opportunity do it. Several temples in the city, such as Wat Chedi   Luang or the Silver Temple, offer the opportunity to meet a monk during a Monk Chat session. The opportunity to ask him the questions that tease you about his way of life. In addition, it’s free!  

Listen to live music at Ploen Ruedee Night Market  

A nice discovery that this international food court that allows groups in the region to perform every night of the week except Sunday! You will find Thai food of course but also burgers, falafels or pizzas. Not very local but delicious!  

food court night market

Visit the White Temple of Chiang Rai  

Located a few kilometers north, I advise you to go to Chiang Rai for a day including visiting the famous White Temple. One of my favorite temples among all those visited in Thailand.  

white temple chiang rai

Buy souvenirs at Night Bazaar and Anusarn Night Market  

If you want to spoil your loved ones with some souvenirs from Thailand, you will find your happiness at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Stands of scarves, soaps or handmade bracelets do not miss! If you’re hungry, the Anusarn Night Market and its huge food court are here for you!  

night bazaar chiang mai

And you, what are your inevitable in Chiang Mai?